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Penny Wars Results!

We were BLOWN AWAY by the amount of participation in our Penny Wars! Heath Brook hasn't hosted a Penny Wars fundraiser is years, and our students went all out to welcome the return of this fundraiser back to our school.

Containers were overflowing (literally) on our final day of collections for both kindergarten and 1st grade. Preschool made a big push at the end, but couldn't make up the difference. 1st grade was taken down by 73 paper bills while kindergarten went all out with over 5,000 coins on the final day. Our final point tally is:

Preschool - 8004

Kindergarten - 38104

1st grade - 24033

The PAC would like to extend our sincerest gratitude to all of the parents, students, and teachers that participated in this fundraiser. Because of your generosity (and competitiveness!) we raised a total of $1,952.93 in only 4 days! Thank you to all of our students, parents, and staff that helped to make this fundraiser such a massive success!

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