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Now accepting CES PAC Board nominations

Want to join the Center Elementary School PAC board? Nominations are open for the 2023-2024 school year!

At next month's meeting, we'll be voting on all board positions: co-chair, secretary, treasurer, assistant treasurer and communications director. If you'd like to be considered, please email and let us know what role you're interested in.

We must receive your email by Wednesday, May 31 at 11:59 p.m., and you must be able to attend next month's meeting (either in person or via Zoom) on June 13 at 6:30 p.m.

Please refer to our bylaws for full details:


The Board of Directors of PAC shall be (2 or more) Co-Chairpersons, (1) Secretary, (1) Communications Director, (1) Treasurer and (1) Assistant Treasurer (if available).

All Board members shall make a reasonable attempt to attend all regular meetings of the PAC.

It is the duty of the outgoing officers to train the new officers so that the PAC will continue to function smoothly. It is also the duty of the outgoing Treasurer to turn over all PAC current and historical financial records to the incoming Treasurer by after the end of the current fiscal year (by July 15th).

All Board members may be assisted in fulfilling their duties by Sub-Committees, consisting of members of the General Membership.

To be eligible for the office of Co-Chairperson, the individuals must have been an active PAC member for one year. This requirement may be waived by a by a majority vote of the PAC membership; however, the individual must agree to apprentice under the outgoing officer for a period of time designated by the PAC membership.

A new Treasurer must work with the outgoing Treasurer for an adequate apprentice period regardless of the new Treasurers length of service in the General Membership or Officer status.


The Co-chairpersons shall be the Chief Executive Officers and shall preside over all meetings of the PAC and of the Board of Directors. The Co-chairpersons shall be members of all standing and special committees. They shall be responsible for the guidance and direction of the Board Members and functions. The Co-chairpersons shall be responsible for designating an independent member of the PAC to randomly review the financial records.

The Secretary shall take minutes at the meeting and make reports available to current and incoming Officers within 10 days of the meeting. The Secretary is responsible for preparing and sharing the agenda and supporting documents to the communications director prior to each meeting.

The Communications Director shall be responsible for developing and executing marketing and communications strategies inclusive of PAC Newsletters, the PAC website, and social media channels.

The Treasurer shall be responsible for maintaining the bank account and keeping accurate records of the PAC finances. The Treasurer shall disburse funds on the order of the Board of Directors and get receipts for the same. The Treasurer shall have accurate records available at monthly meetings. The Treasurer shall hold the checkbook and make sure any purchases over the amount of $50.00 have been voted on by the general PAC unless these expenses are already approved with a budget for PAC events. In the case of an extreme situation, the board may, with the majority vote of the Board of Directors, expend funds in excess of $50.00, with an explanation at the next open general meeting. The Treasurer must turn over all current and historical financial records to the designated member of the PAC when a random review is requested. The Treasurer shall not issue any funds unless it meets one of the criteria in accordance with Article X.

The Assistant Treasurer is responsible for all treasurer duties upon request of the current Treasurer or in the event of incapacity of the current Treasurer.

The Treasurer and Assistant Treasurer are responsible to review and update attached “Treasury Internal Control Manual” as needed.

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